#SaveOurChildren – September 28 – October 4, 2020 News Roundup

For the time being, I will be compiling all articles under a heading for the publication date rather than splitting them into categories. This makes the compilation process much faster for me. If you would like to see them split up by category & date, check out the GoogleDoc where I keep it all organized.

I’ll also continue keeping track of articles suggesting that “QAnon is a baseless conspiracy theory” in regards to child trafficking [and excluding other articles on the subject]. It’s important to see the narrative from both sides and there is often good, legitimate information about how to help victims in those articles. For a more in-depth view of the coordinated media attack against #SaveTheChildren, check out this GoogleDoc.

With the current censorship on social media taking place, I have made it a point to archive every single article. Typically if you post the Archive link instead of the direct link on social media, it either bypasses the “fact checkers” or at a minimum takes much longer for them to cover it up. An added benefit of this is that using the Archive link will get you around any Pay-Walls that exist and the ads are flattened so they don’t bog down the page.

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