Reminder: The CIA created the concept of “Conspiracy Theory”

This is a subject that I will dive into much deeper in the future, but with “conspiracy theory” being attached to every concept or story that doesn’t match the mainstream media narrative, it is important to remember where the term came from.

The CIA authored a document called “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report” in 1967. The full report can be viewed at the link provided. The Warren Commission Report, also known by the long-form name of “The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy,” was the “official” government investigation into the JFK assassination.

Many were quick to doubt the official narrative that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Many journalists and authors provided their interpretations of the events along with speculation as to what “really” happened.

The CIA pushed out several news articles suggesting that “studies” supported the findings of the Warren Commission Report. Some of them are featured in the document linked above. The language and tactics from these articles is very similar to many today that immediately dismiss anything “unpopular” with the mainstream media or that makes their favorite politicians look bad.

Keep this in mind whenever you are reading about a “debunked” or “outrageous” “conspiracy theory” in the news. The “Powers That Be” have been fighting a campaign of spreading misinformation for decades.


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