Covid-19 Illumina Sequencing; Former FDA Commissioner is on Board of Pfizer & Illumina

The Pfizer Board of Directors is comprised of twelve members. One of them is named Scott Gottlieb. The Illumina Board of Directors is comprised of nine members. One of them is the very same Scott Gottlieb.

What else do we know about him?

Scott Gottlieb

  • Pfizer: Board of Directors
  • Pfizer: Chairman of Regulatory & Compliance Committee
  • Pfizer: Member of Science & Technology Committee.
  • Illumina, Inc: Board of Directors
  • Aetion, Inc: Board of Directors
  • Tempus: Board of Directors
  • American Enterprise Institute: Resident Fellow
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration: Commissioner 2017-2019
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration: Deputy Commissioner for Medical & Scientific Affairs 2005-2007
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration: Senior Advisor 2003-2004
  • T.R. Winston & Company: Managing Director 2013-2017
  • New Enterprise Associations: Special Partner 2007-2017
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Senior Advisor 2004
  • Mount Sinai Health System: Member of Board of Trustees
  • GlaxoSmithKline: Former Member of Product Investment Board
  • Tolero Pharmaceuticals: Former Independent Director
  • Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Pharmaceuticals: Former Independent Director
  • National Academy of Medicine: Member
  • Regular Contributor on CNBC & CBS Face the Nation

Covid-19 Sequencing

There’s a fairly easily identifiable pattern here:

And an additional note on that last one: Oxford Nanopore:

  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies: Dr. John Milton: Chief Scientific Officer
    • John joined us from Solexa (2001-2006), where, as Senior Director of R&D, he designed and built the Reversible Terminator chemistry that lies at the heart of Illumina‘s sequencing systems.
    • At Solexa, as at Oxford Nanopore, John built up and managed large multidisciplinary scientific teams across a range of technical disciplines. His work in this field led to the scale-up and production of the chemical sequencing reagents for commercial launch of the Solexa sequencing system which was sold to Illumina in 2007 for $650million.

In other words, Oxford Nanopore is heavily influenced by the same man who helped invent the Illumina technology in the first place. And Illumina seems to be the technology of choice for Covid-19 sequencing.

Considering Pfizer is putting out a huge push for “Booster Shots” already, it seems that someone who is on the board of both Pfizer and Illumina would have some financial incentive to make sure that there continue to be more variants found – so that he can indirectly make money from sequencing them and then providing the vaccine thereafter. Not only that, but he has a long history of working with the Food & Drug Administration, who approved the Illumina technology for sequencing in the first place.

More From Gottlieb & Illumina

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Pfizer Booster Shots

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July 28, 2021: Pfizer data shows vaccine protection remains robust six months after vaccination even as the company argues that boosters will be needed [Archive]

If they actually cared about your health, this wouldn’t be an unprecedented exercise in “forcing you to be healthy.” Biden revoked the price cuts for insulin and then says if you disagree with a vaccine mandate, you’re “not nearly as smart as I thought you were.” It’s about forcing this thing in your arm. As usual, it’s about profit for Big Pharma and control for the government.


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