Edison Research: The Swamp Runs Deep

I had not heard of Edison Research until last night. You probably have never heard of them either. Yet they are the #1 force that has controlled the US elections since 2004.

Check out this information from their website:

Since 2004, the National Election Pool and Edison Research have conducted the only national exit polls in the United States. The NEP is the source for projections and analysis for every midterm election, presidential primary, and presidential election. Our 2018 general election coverage included exit polls at over 700 voting locations as well as in-person and telephone surveys with absentee and early voters all around the country. Edison’s 2020 coverage continues as we prepare for the November General Election.

Emphasis: the only national exit polls.

Exit polls do not generate accurate or reliable data – if they’ve even actually been performing any exit polls. They forecast voting numbers, a process about as reliable as forecasting the weather, and distribute their data to every media outlet.

There is no accountability for their data and no evidence that would allow them to deny that their numbers are entirely fabricated in many cases. They have the power to “call” an entire state before people are even finished voting. I experienced this myself in Indiana – they called the state races while I was still in line at the polls!

Check out this news broadcast from CBS in which they admit that the numbers reported by the media are essentially “educated guesses” and the Federal Election Commission typically does not receive actual totals until about a week after the election.

The Edison Research website has this to say about “race projections” –

Exit polls provide a preview of the important stories on election night, and early exit poll results are available to subscribers at 5PM Eastern. In 2018, the NEP’s 5pm Eastern exit poll estimates provided an accurate picture of the key stories of election night. The NEP estimated that the national House popular vote margin in 2018 for the Democrats at 5pm was 10 points, closely matching the final margin of 8.6 points.

For the 2020 General Election, race projections will be made in all 50 states for statewide races, ballot measures, as well as all 435 House races.

This can have a major impact on elections as the public is spoon-fed a certain perception of outcome. Showing large leads – whether they exist or not – can dissuade voters from showing up if they believe their candidate is already losing.

Election fraud then gets an easy ride: it isn’t difficult to slip in [x] number of ballots needed to “win” if the entire media is reporting the same information.

This power from a company to control the election narrative would certainly beneficial to the interests of whomever is in charge. So who might that be? Take a look at their “About Us Page

Businesses, governments, news operations – they all need  to know the trends affecting their businesses, the opinions of the electorate, and the attitudes of their customers. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, from the United States Government to non-profits, Edison’s team of researchers and thought leaders is trusted in America and around the world to gather exactly the right information and to use it in exactly the right way.

With expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research, we utilize telephone, Internet, and in-person research. And our network of more than 19,000 experienced interviewers allows us to conduct research in almost any location. Edison Research clients include Activision, Amazon, AMC Theatres, Apple, Disney, Dolby Laboratories, Facebook, Google, Oracle, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Pandora, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, The Gates Foundation, Spotify, and Univision.

Since 2004, as the sole provider of Election Day Polling data to the National Election Pool, Edison Research has conducted exit polls to project and analyze results for every major presidential primary and general election. Our work continues for the 2020 U.S. elections, with Edison Research providing exit polls and tabulating the national vote across every county in the United States for ABC News, CBS News, CNN, and NBC News.

Again take note: the sole provider of Election Day Polling Data to the National Election Pool.

And that “data” is funded by the income from their other “clients” – Activision, Amazon, AMC Theatres, Apple, Disney, Dolby Laboratories, Facebook, Google, Oracle, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Pandora, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, The Gates Foundation, Spotify, and Univision

Considering Facebook has been actively banning anything that is Pro-Trump or Anti-Biden, and that Bill Gates and his “Foundation” have been pushing so hard for vaccines and lock-downs and everything else, and that many of these other companies promote a very left-leaning agenda, it is pretty evident that the numbers they create and send to the media are likely distorted to favor Democrats.

Combine that with the fact that Joe Biden directly said they had the largest voter fraud organization in history, the story more or less tells itself.

Several of their executives also have ties to states which have played a very controversial role in the 2020 election: a co-founder with an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania; another co-founder with a University of Pennsylvania degree; a Senior VP with “post-grad work” at Pennsylvania State University; a VP of Music and Programming with a degree from the University of Michigan; a VP of Research with a degree from The University of Scranton [Pennsylvania / Biden’s “hometown”];

I also find it interesting that they named themselves after the “inventor” who ran Nikola Tesla out of business and stole many of his ideas – especially when you consider it was President Trump’s uncle who was in charge of taking possession of Tesla’s items when he died. Is this another chapter in a family feud of sorts going back generations?

In any case, a blatant monopoly on media reporting and misinformation is an affront to the American people and completely destroys the possibility of a free and fair election.


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