#SaveOurChildren – September 01 – 06, 2020 News Roundup

Throughout August I compiled a huge list of links related to crimes against children. I did this because the national news media has been referring to the #SaveOurChildren movement as a “QAnon Conspiracy.” Much of the media coverage has suggested that we “are misrepresenting the fact that there are many times of trafficking and abuse and not just one” or even more ridiculously, “only care about white kids.”

While I know that “we” [as people interested in the health, safety, and justice of children] are very aware that these tragedies happen in many forms, it is sometimes hard to elaborate on those thoughts or back them up against someone who is dead-set on calling you a “conspiracy theorist.” The number of news stories downplaying the plight of children as a “QAnon Conspiracy” is disgusting and disheartening.

Consider how many politicians, celebrities, billionaires, etc. have been convicted of crimes against children [and how many more are suspected and/or have somehow escaped justice] and then consider how they are all linked to the mainstream media that is owned by only six parent companies. Their money is intertwined and they will do anything to protect their assets.

I am going to attempt to start collecting stories on a weekly basis for updates going forward while the media is still in attack mode against us. These are from the first six days of September.

But the abuse, trafficking, pornography, is “Just a conspiracy.” Right.

Check here to see the compiled list of links from August 2020.

Child Trafficking & Missing Children


Child Murders, Shootings, Violence

Child Porn / Cyber Crime

Child Sexual Assault

Covid Related Children’s Issues

#SaveOurChildren Media Coverage

General News & Miscellaneous



  1. #SaveOurChildren
    Thank you Adam Grady!!

  2. What happened here?,
    It died out??
    Not enough visitors??
    You had real good info here. I’d like to know why it ended??
    And I’d like to know if there are any good guys still out there?? Someone that checks things out. If there’s anything to them then it gets discussed not calling the places. They just pack up and go..
    I’d like to save some. Even if its one

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