Uncle Buck’s House #68: “Goodbye… For Now”

Show Notes & Extra Sources for Episode #68 “Goodbye…. For Now” – the guys are taking a break after this episode, but will be back right around Independence Day with some great stuff!

Fun fact: Nick was NOT on the Epstein flight logs, as accused, but only because he was like 6 and they didn’t put children on the manifest.

Now You See Me

Catch Me If You Can

I didn’t Know the NBA Had a Play In Game Either…


And related: the Botfly, which can be removed with bacon (if that’s not a southern solution, I don’t know what is)


Scientific Studies and News Coverage

Ammonia Sticks:

And a more unconventional use, courtesy of Amazon reviews:

Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon – This Video Did the Syncing For you!

Gaza Strip – Yes, It’s Messed Up

There is so much more to this that it deserves its own post eventually…. where to even start?

Formation of Israel

The legal proceedings to make it happen started during World War I – and was essentially an extension of Britain, France, and Russia vs. Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Germany. The Allies agreed to establish an Israeli state for the Jewish people; meanwhile, Jerusalem was an Ottoman territory. One can extrapolate how such tensions escalated during World War II.

Dennis Leary – No Cure for Cancer Special

Bill Burr + Afghanistan


And the Georgia Guidestones:

Vaccine Lottery

The Movie Nick was Talking About = “The Condemned” with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Death Row Baseball Team

Froggy Fresh – Denzel Washington

Kyle’s Outtro: “Natural Blues” by Moby

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